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Sarah E Martin

Editor & Writer

Careful editing

for thoughtful


Emily Hall, Virginia

Author of Becoming Lottie Moon

"My characters’ desires and motivations were clear in my head but not on the page. Sarah helped me clarify and deepen their desires and motivations so that readers would know who the characters really were on a deeper level. With keen insight, she identified pivotal turning points in my story and gave me great suggestions on how to set those up earlier so that they would impact the reader greater and take the reader on the journey, not just tell them what happened. Sarah was invaluable to my writing process. "

Editing Services

Pencil and notepad

Our world needs more writers who know themselves and the power of their words. 

My goal is not simply to help your writing, but to leave you a more inspired and impactful writer.

While getting your project to where you want it, my services help to fortify your writing life by:


  • Identifying your unique strengths as a writer

  • Offering helpful tools tailored to your writing style and goals

  • Equipping you with practical steps to strengthen and impact the life of your message and ideas

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